UGP 113 - LDS Bishop Tells Wife and Leadership I know longer believe - Jon Mancil - Part 2


As a third-generation Latter-day Saint, returned missionary and now bishop of his ward, Jon's Mormon life was unraveling fast. Jesus was pursuing him and the truth of what he was finding about the LDS church was rocking his world. Now he has to tell his wife and Mormon leadership why he's not wearing his garments. God showed up in amazing ways and today they rejoice the whole family found grace, hope and renewed faith.

UGP 112 - LDS Bishop Loses his Faith - Jon Mancil - Part 1


As a third-generation Latter-day Saint, Jon's Mormon life was on-track. Successful foreign mission, married in the temple, multiple callings, an offer to become a full-time LDS church employee, and then a call to be bishop of his local congregation. But all that was on the outside. Inside things were unraveling and there was no one to tell, especially not his LDS leaders nor his wife. Jon found grace in an unexpected place, but will he regain his faith after losing it?

UGP 111 - God is Bigger Than Your Crazy - Susan Malo - Part 2

For two years Susan's husband prayed for her, tried to help her, gave her materials, while she resisted. Meanwhile, a small group of people from her Christian church loved on her and prayed.  Susan talks about what they did right, and how God eventually captured both her mind and her heart.  For those who face the long and difficult struggle of sorting out the truth from the falsehood woven into the beliefs of your performance religion she says, trust God, pursue him and know that God is bigger than your crazy. Susan's story of hope and healing mixes humor and tears with a strong faith in a God who loves her for who she is not what she does.  That's how He wants to love you as well.
UGP 110 - Set Adrift by her Mormon Religion - Susan Malo - Part 1

Raised in a loving, committed LDS home in southern Idaho, Susan knew little about life and faith that wasn't Mormon. In this candid and winsome interview, she shares how God used a cross necklace in her mother's jewelry box, and the breakup of her older siblings temple marriages to awaken her curiosity. However, exposure to the wider religious world of Salt Lake City, along with uncomfortable experiences with her LDS church leaders while in college at BYU turned that curiosity to disillusionment, and she found herself adrift without the family and faith that had sustained so much of her life.  Can God move into her broken life and marriage to restore joy and hope? 
UGP 109 - Renewed love, Leaving family, and Marriage - Emma and Luke - Part 3 of 3


Here's the happy ending we've been waiting for. Despite family drama and tension, Luke and Emma stay true to each other and Jesus. Luke tells more of how he navigated a family opposed to his marriage, and Emma learns some things about Luke she didn't know before this podcast. It's a candid interview marked with laughter as Luke and Emma share how they grow together with grace, hope, and love intact.

UGP 108 - Working their way back to love, Emma and Luke - Part 2 of 3


After getting a text from Luke saying he's breaking up with her (sent by his LDS friends), Emma drives 7 hours to talk face to face. Will she be able to keep Luke from being totally drawn back into Mormonism? Was his faith in Jesus real? Will their love survive this test and the months they will spend continents apart? This episode answers these questions and explores the pendulum swings and anger so common during the transition out of a performance religion. Luke and Emma share how to survive these relational storms with grace, hope, and love intact.

UGP 107 - Quest for the Historical Jesus and Historical Joseph - Tom Hobson


How do we know what we are told about Jesus is the truth. What are the facts and what are the sources for those facts? How do we know the same about the founder of Mormonism, Joseph Smith? These are the topics Tom Hobson explores in his new book, The Historical Jesus and the Historical Joseph Smith, which we talk about on this week's episode. These are core issues with far-reaching implications. And after listening, don't forget to check out the show notes where we will have links to many of the resources we talk about in this episode.

UGP 106 - How to Make a Grace Escape (Replay of 014)


What do you do with a divided marriage? One spouse (probably you) is ready to exit your performance religion, or already transitioned out, but your partner is still in. How do you navigate a relationship marked by tension, anger, or maybe just a lot of silence, and isolation?
Dr. Lynn Wilder and Joel Groat talk boundaries, meddling in-laws, and the risk of marital infidelity, and how to bring grace and truth into a troubled marriage in a way that shows love and respect. Join them for 27 minutes devoted to helping your life and relationships flourish - here:

UGP 105 - They Left BYU to Follow Jesus - Matt and Nicole Wilder - Part 2


Matt's LDS world was being turned upside down by what he was finding in the Bible and hearing from his younger brother Micah. When he started sharing this with Nicole, his LDS girlfriend, he thought it would probably be the end of the relationship. Was following Jesus and the truth he was learning worth losing his full-ride scholarship at BYU and professional career and the girl he loved so deeply? Nicole and Matt share candidly and openly a journey with a lot of unknowns -- but also a lot of grace, love, and hope.

UGP 104 - Doing Everything Right and Still Feeling Guilty - Matt Wilder Story - Part 1


If you are LDS, Matt Wilder's story could have been yours. He was born into the quintessential Mormon family and they did it all: temple trips, scouting, callings, Scripture reading, sabbath. Yet, by his early teens, his soul was restless with a sense of his own unworthiness and failure to measure up to the high outward standards of his religion. Would his family's move from the Midwest heartland to the heart of Utah in the Salt Lake Valley help him find peace?
Matt recommits to his Mormon faith, but then several events on his LDS mission and while a student at BYU cast light on a different path. Could this one lead to a sense of being forgiven and accepted by God?

UGP 103 Emma - Dating a Mormon - Heartbreak and Hope - Part 1


You will be amazed and encouraged at how God miraculously orchestrates circumstances to bring Lynn Wilder and Emma Moss together. Emma's story is one of bewilderment, hope, heartbreak, and trust in God as she navigates the uncertainty of dating and caring deeply for her Mormon boyfriend while staying true to her own Christian faith. It's clear God is moving, but will the relationship result in them being together or apart?

UGP 102 - International experiences - Grace Means Not Earning God's Favor


Lynn starts off the podcast with the story of Temple Square security scaring her young grandkids when they came to see Santa. Police in Spain take Joel and Steve Dealy to the police parking garage for a chat. Lynn talks about what it was like to be a Mormon approached by Christians at the Nauvoo Pageant. Lynn explains what the Bible means when it says "faith without works is dead" and how different that is from how many religions use this verse. It's a fast-moving, multi-faceted episode with both humor and hope. Listen to this episode, and get links to new resources in the show notes here: You too can experience a grace that heals!

UGP 101 - Threatened on the streets of Ecuador - Grace when it really matters


Joel and Lynn talk about some misconceptions Mormons have about Christians (and vice versa) and what they've learned about grace from their international travels. Joel shares about the time an angry Mormon Temple President physically threatened him in Guayaquil, Ecuador, and how God used that incident over the next several years to open doors for ministry at Mormon Temple open houses in Latin America. The path of grace is always full of adventure! Come share it with us.

UGP 100 - COVID Disruptions plus Can we hear from the dead?


Can we hear from the dead? When it seems to happen, how should we view it in light of the Bible? That's the question Lynn raises after a Bible study with a transitioning LDS woman who has had these experiences. Also, how can grace help us deal with life when a pandemic disrupts so much of what we know and what we used to do? Plus, an exciting announcement toward the end about some brand new video resources that have just come online.

UGP 099 - Grace broke the cycle of shame, addiction to porn and depression and healed our marriage - Morgan Archer


Morgan Archer shares her story of rescue from the cycle of addiction to pornography, shame, and depression that was affecting her, her husband, and their marriage and family. With open, and sometimes painful transparency, she chronicles how God invaded her life repeatedly, bringing people into her life to pray for her, including a stranger after her serious car accident. Through all of it, God was winning her heart and granting the intimacy with Jesus and healing to her marriage she had sought for so long. 

UGP 098 - Fear of LDS Family, Depression, New love, and Grace - Michael and Brianna - Part 2


Following his conversion to Christianity, Michael's greatest fear was coming out to his very committed LDS family about his new faith in Christ and reliance on grace alone for salvation. Two days before Christmas, knowing nothing about his conversion, they find an interview of Michael on Youtube that reveals the shocking truth. Despite the hurt, they extend incredible grace to Michael. Brianna also shares her transition away from Mormonism, her struggle with depression, and finding grace and Michael. It's a story of awkward moments, laughter, new love, and experiencing a grace that heals at multiple levels. Michael's new book is now out, as is his podcast.

UGP 097 - A Mormon Apologist Gets Imputed Righteousness and Grace - Michael Flournoy - Part 1


Michael and Lynn met for the first time years ago when they were invited to debate each other on a radio program. But instead of debating Lynn asked Michael questions about his book and Mormon views. That, and exposure to Keith Walker's presentations on the "Impossible Gospel of Mormonism" started a process that would totally alter the course of his religious views and life. Michael comments, "So, yeah, I went from being a Mormon apologist to just within a few months to being a Christian. It was a whirlpool. God spun me around so fast and said, "Son, you're pointing that sword the wrong way." It a fascinating and fun conversation about one man's courageous pursuit of truth wherever it would lead him and despite whatever it might cost him.

UGP 096 - The Darkness Lifts - Restoration, Redemption, Reconciliation - James and Jolene - Part 3


"It was like this darkness had totally lifted from us." Jolene Phelps, after she and her husband encounter forgiveness and restoration through God's grace. This is the emotional, encouraging, high-energy conclusion to our interview (3 parts) with James and Jolene Phelps. Besides sharing how God brought them to the truth via separate paths and a year and a half apart, they also share what to do and what not to do when your spouse has not yet seen the truth. It's an episode of laughter, transformation, and the healing of a marriage and family. 

UGP 095 - Fighting on the verge of Divorce, Jesus finds James - James and Jolene Phelps - Part 2


James and Jolene are both disenchanted with Mormonism. Jolene finds the Denver Snuffer splinter group and joins while her husband is away. The fighting escalates and they are on the brink of divorce. Yet, God has his hand on their marriage and keeps bringing people into their lives who serve as guides to the truth. James tries to go back to Mormonism, but only feels worse, till he has a one on one, personal encounter with Jesus that changes everything. Jolene just gets angrier because now James is happy and she is not. This fast-paced episode ends before the story does, so the conclusion doesn't come till next week. 

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UGP 094 - The Great Grace Gamble - Replay of UGP 007


In this episode, Joel and Lynn explore God's gamble in extending us grace and guaranteeing the end from the very beginning. What does gambling have to do with grace? What’s the risk? It’s all on the table, no negotiating. What’s the guarantee? “I know your secrets, you need to know mine” Lynn. "Grace is the conduit through which God comes to us. We are born alienated from God. God know us intimately, that’s not intimidating, that’s freeing” Joel.