UGP 139 - Passport to Heaven - Micah Wilder - Book Interview - Part 1


Exciting News! Micah Wilder's book is out soon! As a zealous and committed LDS missionary, a Baptist pastor challenged Micah to read the New Testament with the eyes of a child. As he read the Bible to prove this pastor wrong, God pursued and captured Micah's heart with his love and grace. His love for Jesus ultimately led to his dismissal from his mission. Over the next several episodes, Lynn and Joel talk to Micah about his faith journey and what led him to write his book, Passport to Heaven: The True Story of a Zealous Mormon Missionary Who Discovers the Jesus He Never Knew.

In this first episode, Micah talks about his early life, and the fear he couldn't shake, even as he outperformed so many of his fellow LDS missionaries.  

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  • The Word of God is (Hebrews 4:12)
  • All have fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23)


God opened up a truth, a reality to me that was far removed from my Mormon upbringing. I was a religious man but I thought what I was doing (my efforts) was establishing my right standing before God. ~Micah

Mike was a zealous, committed LDS missionary. Your dedication was evident. ~Joel

The book is about how I got to point A to B showing how I got from the Saul-like Mormon missionary I was to somebody totally transformed by the grace of God. ~Micah

After many years of working for my salvation I had finally worked out my salvation…by faith in Jesus Christ. ~Micah


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Part Two of Micah’s story