UGP 250 - Chinks in His LDS Armor - Brad Steckelberg - Part 3

Brad joined the LDS church as a single man in his 30s when LDS missionaries knocked on his door. He sensed some things they taught were a little off according to his Christian upbringing but he put them aside because he saw good in the service the LDS people did for others. He did wonder why they kept asking him about his family. The first chink in his LDS faith happened when he fell behind in his tithing. He knew without it he could not go to the temple. He also wondered why the LDS “pulled out all the stops at Halloween but at Christmas, nothing.” He began to have serious questions about the LDS church when he recognized the extra-biblical teachings in the LDS lesson manual he was asked to use to teach the LDS faith to prisoners in prison ministry. He also was thoroughly confused about the differences between the LDS explanation of the events in the Garden of Eden and the Bible’s telling of them.


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